A Little Inspiration

A Shelter Dog's Poem

   Once upon a time, you see, there was this little pup;
  for reasons unbeknownst to me, his family gave him up


  Maybe it was chewing everything that he could find,
   maybe they were busy and just didn't have the time

  They took him to the shelter and they just left him there
   Outside, alone, in the cage...shivering and scared

 Even though they knew inside, if he went through those doors,
  he may never have the chance to find a home like yours

   He sat there crying silently wondering what he did
  that was so bad that they just had to leave him as they did

   However fate was smiling on that little pup that day,
  because a lady saw him and she whisked him right away

  He got a second chance at life that others may have not
  and now he's in a loving home with everything he wants

   Everyday he gets that love that he was looking for
And silently is thankful for when she walked through that door

  Others may not have this chance so open up your heart
and adopt a shelter dog to take and give him/her a brand new start

        -- Author Unknown

I Adopted Your Pet Today

The one you left at the animal shelter/pound; 
    The one you had for ten years 
    And no longer wanted around

    I adopted your pet today... 
   Did you know that he's lost weight? 
 Did you know he's scared and depressed 
   And seems to have lost all faith?

    I adopted your pet today... 
    He had fleas and a little cold; 
 Guess you don't care what shape he's in 
    You abandoned him I am told

    I adopted your pet today... 
 Were you having a baby or moving away? 
Did you suddenly develop allergies, 
 Or was there NO reason he couldn't stay?

    I adopted your pet today... 
   He doesn't play or even eat much; 
   I guess he's very sad inside and 
    It'll take time for him to trust.

    I adopted your pet today... 
    And here he is going to stay; 
   He's found his FOREVER home 
   And a warm bed in which to lay.

    I adopted your pet today... 
 And shall give him all that he will need 
    Patience, love, security. 
   So he can forget your selfish deed.

      -- Author Unknown